Hi! My name is Emily. In May 2019 I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Science in computer science and a minor in music. I don’t consider my day complete until I’ve given a hug, sung a song, lent a helping hand, and made somebody smile. I’ve got a passion for finding beauty in little things, and the Pacific Northwest is my favorite place on Earth. In what little free time I have, you can find me curled up with a warm beverage and a book (or Netflix, let’s be honest) or wandering around looking for dogs to pet! This blog used to be a place where I posted opinion pieces and poetry, but will now serve as my Young Adults in Global Mission blog.

Why “sweetpeabumblebee?” Sweet Pea Bumblebee was a nickname that my dad gave me when I was really little, and I always loved it!


P.S. That’s Siri. I love her. She’s a black lab/border collie mix. No, she’s not named after your iPhone’s Siri; we picked the name because it’s Norwegian and because it’s reminiscent of Sirius Black and Sirius the Dog Star, and we named her two months before Apple released Siri for the first time on the iPhone 4S.